Comedy Show
Kristin Massey Haas Comedy
I hope you can join me and my friends for an evening of fun and surprises!

A funny thing happened to me after I recently had a congenital pituitary tumor removed at Cedars-Sinai hospital.

As I was waking up in post-op recovery, I decided to pursue my dream of doing stand-up comedy. Thank you, propofol. Hopefully, what doesn’t kill you makes you funnier.

In any event, I hope you’ll stop in to see me at the Comedy Store or the Laugh Factory on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA one of these nights. I’ll post my upcoming appearances on this page, so check back regularly.

Kristin, Sally, and friend.








Laugh Riot Grrrl Festival













Kristin Massey  Appearances

VENUE 2016
Hollywood Improv Feb 21st
Comedy Store April 6th
Comedy Store May 4th
Comedy Store June 5th
Comedy Store June 8th
Comedy Store July 15th
Ventura Comedy Club July 20th
DromeBox Studio July 28th
Flappers August 7th
Comedy Store August 26th
Comedy Store September 30th
Comedy Store October 28th
VENUE 2017
Comedy Store February 10th
Corley’s Comedy Club March 11th
Comedy Store March 24tth
5-Star Bar April 16th
Comedy Store May 26th
Riot Grrrl Comedy Festival June 10th
DromeBox Studio June 29th
Comedy Store July 21st
Comedy Store September 22nd
Ventura Comedy Festival September 24th
Sal’s Comedy Club February 19th